1/2 Gallon – Fresh Homemade Yogurt from Raw Cow Milk


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Enjoy delicious homemade yogurt made from raw milk from our very own jersey cow, Fanny.

Available in 4 flavors: plain,  passion fruit, blackberry, and piña colada

Jersey cows are known for their superiority in milk because of extremely high level of riboflavin, provides the most nutrition per unit of volume and their low fat still has the taste of whole milk.

Jersey Milk Facts

  • Higher milk solids: Skimmed or low fat still has the taste of whole milk due to its higher solids—not fat content.
  • Vitamins: Jersey milk has been shown to contain more Vitamins A and Vitamins B1 per litre than Holstein milk. In addition, it has an extremely high concentration of B2 (riboflavin).
  • Nutrition: Jersey’s provides the most nutrition per given unit of volume. If a person were consuming Holstein low-fat milk, 9.64 ounces would need to be consumed in order to receive the same amount of nutrition from consuming 8 ounces of Jersey’s.
  • Other benefits: Jersey milk contains 18% more protein, 20% more calcium and 25% more butterfat than average (a butterfat level up to about 6.8%).
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Homemade Yogurt Flavor

Blackberry, Passion Fruit, Piña Colada, Plain, Yogurt Flavor

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