The Nature of Learning

At Alegre Farm, the Nature of Learning is at the core of our existence. We provide a unique hands-on environment for learners of all ages to connect with nature through a variety of experiences:


Field Trips

At Alegre Farm we provide a hands-on learning experience like no other. Fun for people of all ages, we are the perfect destination for your next educational field trip. Your students will visit a growing homestead with a food garden, laying hens, a Jersey cow, goats, ponies, miniature donkeys, chickens and more. In a world where everything is simplified to be produced fast and economical, old fashioned farming becomes a lost tradition. We show students where the food that they eat comes from. They won’t realize how much they are learning when they feed a cow, milk a goat or dig in the worms!

Our Unique Stations
Hop aboard our tractor driven hayride for a tour around our 15-acre farm.
Dig for worms and learn about the importance of worm composting.
Learn about our pesticide free vegetable and flower gardens.
Learn to milk a goat, a truly unique experience!
Come meet one of our ponies and groom it with lots of love.
Visit our petting zoo, our chickens, donkeys, goats and sheep will be waiting for you!

Field Trips:

Our farm welcomes public and private schools, day cares, preschools, home-school groups, non-profit organizations and more to join us for a great learning experience. Connect with nature and learn everything from composting to milking a goat!

Field Trip : 18 or Less People

Home Schoolers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church groups, Play Groups, and Non-profit organizations are all welcome to come enjoy an exceptional outdoor learning experience at Alegre Farm.

Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)

Small Group Days - No $150 Minimum Required!

Tuesday, September 12 and Tuesday, November 7

Calling all small day cares and private groups with 18 or fewer participants (Playgroups, Mom & Me, Homeschoolers, Church, etc) for Small Group Discount Days! Experience life on a real working farm. We have six hands-on stations for students to learn about garden and animal care.

Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)

Field Trip : 19-250 People

Alegre Farm offers farm field trips to public, private and charter schools from Gwinnett, Barrow, and Walton Counties and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area.

Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)


Angie Mallard

Angie Mallard is a lifelong educator with over 20 years of teaching, eleven years right here as a Gwinnett County Elementary teacher. Angie is passionate about helping little farmers learn all about farm life, utilizing each interaction with nature to reinforce scientific experiences with the children and to promote the preservation of the earth and its natural resources. Her experience teaching in Georgia gives her unique insight into state and county standards and she makes sure to align all activities at the farm with these standards when students come for field trips and summer camps.
“I enjoy making our farm experience fun and educational for students and stress free for teachers and parents”, states Angie.

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