Alegre Farm in the Community

Alegre Farm in the Community

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After collaborating in an invasive plant species removal this past December, Alegre Farm’s interest sparked to be more intentional in caring for the creek that runs along the back end of the property and flows into the Alcovy river. Being back there brought fond memories to Pilar as she recalled the enjoyment her children had playing in the creek in their younger years.

Thinking of the importance of our fresh water and ecology has brought a vision to expanding the educational opportunities that Alegre Farm offers to the community. With this in mind, three staff members attended an Adopt-a-Stream Chemical Workshop held by Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful and learned many things that can affect our watershed. They each took an exam and passed the test which certifies them to test the creek and input their recordings into a database. The testing of the water includes determining dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and conductivity.

This exciting venture only shows that there is always something more that can be done to better our communities. We look forward to making our creek a new experience for students and those who visit us on Farm Adventure Days in the near future.

We’re so excited for this new venture and will continue to share our new experiences with you.