The Nature of Moments

Alegre Farm is a center for agriculturally-based education, agritourism, and economic development as well as a beautiful place to gather for special moments like weddings, birthday parties, vow renewals, and corporate or community events. Purchased in 2004 by Juan and Pilar Quintero the farm was meant to give their three boys more space as while fostering an appreciation for organics and healthy living. The farm serves the local community as well as surrounding counties by providing education and hands-on experience for children and adults through field trips, camps, and workshops. The goal is to not only to enhance the essential process of farming but to educate on the origins of what goes on our plates.

The farm offers two spacious outdoor pavilions as well as a large banquet hall to serve the community. Visitors can book farm-themed birthday parties, corporate or private events, and weddings at the farm. For more information on booking weddings, field trips, birthday parties or any special occasion fill out our contact us form or email us at

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The Quintero Family

The Quintero Family

Nicolas "aka Nico" Quintero

General Manager

Starting at a very young age of 14 Nico rode horses to the point of training while attending school, cleaning stalls, and doing many other farm chores. Nico is now an active participant in their family farm business as the General Manager. He will eventually inherit the farm with his two younger brothers. Nico received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Georgia Gwinnett College. However, his interest in the family business and aspiration to eventually assist his parents at Alegre Farm surpassed his earlier interest in Veterinary Medicine. Nico attended Mercer University, where he earned a Masters in Business Administration. Nicolas has seen the farm transform from an equestrian facility to an agritourism and events facility. He is using his business knowledge to streamline, improve, and expand the family business. He enjoys working with the animals and interacting with everyone who visits.

Pilar Quintero


Alegre Farm owner Pilar is one of the only female Latina farmers that own property in the state of Georgia. Self-taught through research, mentoring programs and involvement in agricultural forums, her passion for teaching families about sustainable farming, eating healthy, and living life as naturally as possible has expanded Alegre Farm in many ways. She now teaches and arranges workshops to teach sustainable living using natural and holistic methods while working side by side with her son Nico to run the farm.

Juan Quintero


Farm life had always appealed to Juan Quintero, a native Colombian, with its tranquil lifestyle away from the scurry of corporate or construction realms. As a general construction contractor for QBI Home Improvements, he no longer deals with the day to day himself but continues to embrace his wife’s vision for Rancho Alegre as a place people can come to feel the peace he experiences daily. This passion stems from horse-loving roots in his grandfather who always raised horses and mother whose heart they won over. Armed with solid advice from faithful friends, magazines, and experiences at shows, Juan aims to develop a lucrative agritourism facility that will educate kids and parents who have interest in the fast-growing agricultural world.