Dirty fingers create engaged minds and at Alegre Farm Camps, little farmers (age 4+) learn how to care for farm animals, prepare food fresh from the garden and give a horse a bath!

Join us for fun-filled learning where kids experience life on a real working farm! Campers gain self-confidence, learn to work as a team, and learn to care for animals and the environment all while having an unforgettable, good time. Each camp session has a different theme, but all have common program goals: Challenging ourselves, learning to work in a community, experiencing simple living and connecting with nature.

Half Day Camp
Monday, October 30th!

Perfect for homeschoolers!

Come learn with us at our half day science camp specifically developed for home school groups, students will experience the change of seasons on the farm by taking a tour on the hayride, discover what is growing in our natural garden, interact with our farm animals, milk our nanny goat and more. Students and parents are welcome to bring their lunch to eat under one of our covered pavilions and kids may ride one of our ponies for an additional $5. Come spend the morning at the farm! Click below to register. If you have any questions or would like more information, call or email us at (770) 339-3065 Ext 4 or We look forward to seeing you and your group at the farm!

Campers will:

Take a Hay Ride
Learn About Gardening
Make Fun Farm Crafts
Milk a Goat
Groom a Pony
Feed and Pet the Animals


Angie Mallard

Angie Mallard is a lifelong educator with over 20 years of teaching experience, eleven years were spent right here as a Gwinnett County Elementary teacher. Angie is passionate about helping little farmers learn all about farm life, utilizing each interaction with nature to reinforce scientific experiences with the children and to promote the preservation of the earth and its natural resources. Her experience teaching in Georgia gives her unique insight into state and county standards and she makes sure to align all activities at the farm with these standards when students come for field trips and summer camps.
“I enjoy making our farm experience fun and educational for students and stress free for teachers and parents”, states Angie.